Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Book 2 hits the virtual shelves

The second instalment of The Afternet goes live on Amazon over Easter weekend 2012. For anyone who hasn't read the first one (and over a thousand people have) Book 1 is free on Saturday 7th April, Sunday 8th, and Monday 9th.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Much much later

Haven't really got the hang of this blogging. Guess you should be writing more than once a year. Anyway, in case anyone is actually reading, here's the update. The Afternet had shifted over a thousand downloads, and the second one is in the can ready to go to the editing suite. I was intending to put a sample on here, but there's on ly a point if anyone is reading, so let me know. Oh, and yes, I will try to actually blog rather than just have one.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Century Approaches

Sales of The Afternet are approaching 100 copies, which would be very satisfying given the sheer difficulty of promoting an online book by an unknown author (outside his family at any rate). With the book now published on Smashwords, a whole new audience has come on stream and hopefully they will all be telling everyone they know to read it. Now up to 6 reviews on Amazon, and all of them 5 star! Must be doing something right. Through Smashwords, which currently has the book in Kindle format, iBooks and Sony e-reader should be available shortly. Spread the word, the word, the word (that's an echo)...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

After The Holiday...

Literally, because yesterday, as the grey sky, incessant rain and numbing traffic would confirm, was a public holiday. Today, sun busting the flags, is not. A longer holiday has ended, however because this is the day I put the green eyeshade on, sharpen the pencils, and begin work on the second book in The Afternet series. Sales continue to dribble along, reviewers continue to effuse, so in anticipation of the spike to come it seems appropriate to kick on with the long awaited etc etc.
Coincidentally, the daughter has nearly finished her exams, so perhaps the diminishing levels of angst in the house will help to find the necessary humour. I have applied to FIFA for the opportunity to host the world cup in my back yard should Qatar prove a) too hot, which clearly they hadn't thought about, or b) to have 'bought' the event, to quote FIFA officials. I'll do it for steady sales of my book in the CONCACAF region and some of those handbags for my wife.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Into the ether

Here's something. Visited Portugal to play golf and underwent a Damascene conversion at the hands of one Suzy Turner, a resident of Lagos and an Indie writer (her book 'Raven' is available from Amazon; more later no doubt). Suzy was clearly askance at the idea that I had published The Afternet and then basically waited for people to find  out about it somehow. Hence this blog which will follow the progress of my own (and others') activities to promote their e-books to a wider audience, look at new e-books as they become available, and doubtless at many points descend into the afterworld of trivia.